Selected Recent Publications

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Memory Development

(corresponding author bolded, MDD student underlined)

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Sleep and Learning

Fernandez, F., Nyhuis, C. C., Anand, P., Demara, B. I., Ruby, N. F., Spanò, G., ... & Edgin, J. O. (2017). Young children with Down syndrome show normal development of circadian rhythms, but poor sleep efficiency: a cross-sectional study across the first 60 months of life. Sleep Medicine, 33, 134-144.

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Neuropsychological Assessment

Fernandez, F., & Edgin, J. O. (2016). Pharmacotherapy in Down's syndrome: which way forward?. The Lancet Neurology, 15(8), 776.

Spano, G. & Edgin, J.O. (in press). Everyday memory in individuals with Down syndrome: Validation of the Observer Memory Questionnaire-Parent Form. Child Neuropsychology.